Guiding Light: 72 year on-air, from radio to television

Born on the radio, when reaching adulthood took television as it's second home. Considering both media, «Guilding Light» was on the air, uninterruptedly, from 1937 to 2009.

May 26, 2023 - 02:51
Guiding Light: 72 year on-air, from radio to television
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The longest-running radio-born television series ever made is "Guiding Light." It was an American soap opera that aired on radio and television for 72 years.

"Guiding Light" started as a radio drama in 1937 and made its television debut in 1952. The show aired on television for an impressive 57 years, with its final episode airing on September 18, 2009. Over the course of its run, "Guiding Light" produced more than 15,700 episodes, making it the longest-running television series in history.

"Guiding Light" was broadcasted in several other countries outside of the United States. As one of the longest-running and most popular soap operas in television history, the show garnered a significant international following and was syndicated to various countries around the world.

Some of the countries where "Guiding Light" was broadcasted include:

  • Canada: "Guiding Light" was widely aired in Canada, where it had a substantial viewership.

  • Australia: The show had a dedicated fan base in Australia, where it aired for many years.

  • United Kingdom: "Guiding Light" was also broadcasted in the UK, where it found a receptive audience.

  • New Zealand: The show had viewers in New Zealand, where it was a part of daytime programming.

  • Various European Countries: The series was also syndicated to several European countries, where it was dubbed or subtitled in the local languages.

  • Latin America: "Guiding Light" was popular in many Latin American countries, where it was dubbed into Spanish and Portuguese.

The international popularity of "Guiding Light" contributed to its status as a cultural phenomenon and a beloved show among soap opera enthusiasts worldwide. The long-lasting success of the series is a testament to its compelling storytelling and the enduring appeal of soap operas as a genre.