Media Feeds: a new way to share the World

We thought, and we decided. The Media Feeds that we have been experimenting with since June will continue. A new gate to the world from ElectronicAnarchy.

Oct 20, 2023 - 14:34
Media Feeds: a new way to share the World
Image by Tayeb Mezahdia / Pixabay

Some readers will have noticed that, in recent months, we launched – without advertising – a new section, Media Feeds, to share content from other publications.

With this new section, we intend to allow readers access to different perspectives and points of view on the major issues facing the world. But also to more private issues, such as relationships, small pleasures, entertainment.

The need for a broad knowledge of the problems we face is crucial to their resolution. Thus, we include in the media we publish publications such as the North American, the Israeli-Palestinian +972 Magazine, the Arabic Al Jazeera, the Canadian Socialist Project, or the Russian RT – meanwhile banned from the European Union due to a dubious unilateral decision legality.

We believe that censorship – whatever it may be – is always a violation of freedom of information. We believe in the lucidity of readers and their ability to evaluate and judge each fact. Our criteria include evaluating the accuracy of factual information, and respect for individual testimonies and opinions. Which, as is the practice of democracy, are not necessarily coincident with our points of view.

We believe in the accuracy of information as a counterpoint to the falsehood of propaganda, even though we know that it is not always easy to distinguish between the two. This is also why we want to know what different observers of the same facts say.

ElectronicAnarchy is not related by any means with the selected media. This content is shared through each publication's RSS Feeds, exclusively in accordance with our criteria of independence and impartiality. We do not have any type of partnership with the aggregated newspapers and we are not responsible for content of shared publications.

Media Feeds arrived to, and through them we'll share some of what other publications produce.

As always, all suggestions, criticisms and corrections are welcome, and can be sent to us using the contact methods available.

Stay connected.

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