The best and the worst countries in sexual freedom

Are you a free and unprejudiced person, available for new adventures and unexpected encounters? Are you planning to take a relaxed and sexually enjoyable vacation? See where you should and where you shouldn't go.

Aug 1, 2023 - 19:17
The best and the worst countries in sexual freedom
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The status of countries regarding attitudes toward sex can change over time due to cultural, social, and political shifts. However, some countries have been historically considered more liberal and others more repressive about sex. Actually, the "top 5" of each category can be defined like this:

Most Liberal Countries about Sex:

  1. Netherlands: The Netherlands is often regarded as one of the most liberal countries when it comes to sex and sexuality. They have progressive attitudes towards topics such as LGBTQ+ rights, sex education, and prostitution, which is legal and regulated.
  2. Denmark: Denmark is known for its open-minded approach to sex and sexuality. Comprehensive sex education is provided in schools, and sexual freedom and individual rights are highly valued.
  3. Sweden: Sweden is considered progressive in its approach to sex and relationships. The country promotes gender equality and has a comprehensive approach to sex education.
  4. Canada: Canada is known for its relatively liberal attitudes toward sex and sexual diversity. LGBTQ+ rights are protected, and the country emphasizes comprehensive sex education.
  5. Spain: Spain has a relaxed and accepting attitude toward sex. It has decriminalized prostitution and is generally supportive of LGBTQ+ rights.

Most Repressive Countries about Sex:

  1. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is known for its strict interpretation of Islamic law, which leads to severe repression of sexual freedoms. Adultery, homosexuality, and premarital sex are considered illegal and can be punished with severe penalties.
  2. Iran: Iran's legal system is based on Islamic law, leading to strict controls on sexual behavior. Homosexuality, extramarital sex, and indecent behavior are punishable offenses.
  3. Afghanistan: Afghanistan's conservative and traditional culture enforces strict restrictions on sex and sexuality. Adultery and homosexuality are illegal and can lead to severe punishment, including the death penalty.
  4. United Arab Emirates (UAE): The UAE follows conservative Islamic principles, resulting in strict regulations on sexual behavior. Homosexual acts, premarital sex, and extramarital affairs are illegal.
  5. Russia: Russia has taken steps towards conservative social policies, including restrictions on LGBTQ+ rights and promoting traditional values. While not as extreme as some other countries on this list, there are repressive attitudes toward sexual freedoms in certain aspects.

It's essential to note that these categorizations are generalizations, and there can be variations within each country depending on regional and individual beliefs. Additionally, social and political landscapes change over time, so it's essential to research the most up-to-date information on these matters.

Nicole Dupond Member of EA Coordination Team