The best (or not so worst) healthcare services in Africa

May 13, 2023 - 05:07
The best (or not so worst) healthcare services in Africa
Image by Brian Odwar / Pixabay

Determining the best and worst healthcare in African countries can be challenging due to various factors such as differing healthcare indicators, access to healthcare services, and quality of healthcare infrastructure. However, there are some African countries often cited as having relatively better healthcare systems based on various reports and indices. 

Ten African countries with relatively better healthcare (in no specific order):

  1. Seychelles: Seychelles has made significant progress in healthcare access and quality, with a relatively high life expectancy and low maternal and child mortality rates.

  2. Mauritius: Mauritius boasts a well-developed healthcare system with good access to medical services and low infant mortality rates.

  3. Tunisia: Tunisia has a comparatively advanced healthcare infrastructure and has made strides in reducing mortality rates and improving healthcare access.

  4. Rwanda: Rwanda has undergone remarkable improvements in healthcare access and outcomes, with a focus on community-based health initiatives.

  5. Morocco: Morocco has a well-established healthcare system with decent medical facilities and services.

  6. Botswana: Botswana has invested significantly in healthcare, leading to better access to treatment and care for its population.

  7. South Africa: South Africa has a mix of public and private healthcare systems, with some well-equipped hospitals and medical facilities.

  8. Namibia: Namibia has been working to improve its healthcare system, including efforts to combat HIV/AIDS.

  9. Ghana: Ghana has made progress in healthcare access and has invested in improving medical infrastructure.

  10. Egypt: Egypt has a relatively better healthcare system, with a focus on medical education and research.

The situation on the continent is still very weak, but still some African countries have made significant strides in improving healthcare access and quality over the years, and healthcare is a dynamic field with ongoing efforts to address challenges and improve outcomes. 

Camila Cienfuegos Member of EA Coordination Team