We're back. And ready for whatever may come

The world changed. And so do we.

Mar 11, 2023 - 01:14
We're back. And ready for whatever may come

ElectronicAnarchy.com is alive again. After almost 3 years re-writing the project, we are back with a new approach and the same intent: to be a platform for free spech and honest debate, now facing all the new problems the world grapples with.

First it was the covid pandemia, then the war in Ukraine, next... There's no doubt: the world is changing, and so are we. We are back and feel ready to deal with the amazing new challenges of the future.

We return in a renewed way: we want to be a truly collective platform, and in that sense we open our pages to the fully participation of our readers.

Find out how you can take part of this adventure and became one of us. It costs nothing.


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