What's the healthy country in the world?

The ranking of the healthiest country changes over time due to various factors such as healthcare improvements, lifestyle changes, and advances in public health. But there are some countries that are healthier than others.

Aug 20, 2023 - 16:07
What's the healthy country in the world?
Image by Darko Stojanovic / Pixabay

The healthiest country is typically determined by various factors, including life expectancy, healthcare access, disease prevalence, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. Several organizations and research institutions release annual reports and rankings on global health, but the specific rankings may vary slightly depending on the criteria used.

Ranking the healthiest countries can be subjective, and different organizations may use varying criteria and data sources. Moreover, health rankings can change over time due to evolving health trends and improvements in healthcare infrastructure.

But there's no doubt that some countries have consistently ranked high in terms of overall health and well-being based on various reports and indices. For example:

  • Japan: Known for its high life expectancy, healthy diet (rich in fish, vegetables, and rice), and well-developed healthcare system.

  • Switzerland: Known for its high-quality healthcare, clean environment, and active lifestyle.

  • Cuba: Recognized for its commitment to preventive medicine and the high quality of its doctors, despite suffering a tough blockade imposed by the US 60 years ago.
  • Singapore: Recognized for its excellent healthcare, efficient public health initiatives, and high life expectancy.

  • Australia: Known for its good healthcare system, relatively clean environment, and focus on public health and preventive care.

  • Sweden: Known for its comprehensive healthcare, high life expectancy, and emphasis on work-life balance.

  • Canada: Known for its universal healthcare system, low prevalence of major diseases, and healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Norway: Recognized for its high-quality healthcare, focus on public health, and low rates of major health issues.

  • Netherlands: Known for its well-developed healthcare system, high life satisfaction, and active lifestyle.

Sha Huan Member of EA Coordination Team